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Sunday, February 16 2014

So lets face it Henry is a big lump.... a little lazy & not really into fetch. 


Here are a few suggestions of alternate games to play with your dog.


This childhood game isn’t just reserved for the human kids. Your pup can partake in the fun, too. Find one of your dog’s favorite toys or grab a handful of treats. Have your dog sit and stay in one room. Then, go and hide in another. Once you’ve found yourself in a good hiding place, call your dog. When he/she finds you, reward enthusiastically with treats and praise.

This game will work both brains and senses.


 Doggy Treat Hunt

It doesn’t have to be Easter for your dog to play this egg-hunt-inspired game. Grab some of his favorite smelly treats, either alone or stuffed inside a treat-holding toy, and hide them around the living room or backyard. Make sure your canine companion is in another room so he/she doesn’t see or smell the secret hiding spots. Then invite your furkid into the room or backyard and watch them sniff away in search of the hidden treasure.

 Roundabout Dog

This activityis perfect perfect for a family with children. Every member sits around the room (at least 7 metres from one another) with a handful of treats. Then, every person will take turns calling out their dog’s name. Every time the dog comes, he should be rewarded with treats and praise. When he has accomplished the game indoors, try taking it outside and spread out even further from one another especially if you have a larger breed & an active pup.


Get out there & play

Lucy & "big" Henry

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